Oem License Agreement

(i) warranty. The duly licensed software essentially works as described in all Microsoft materials that are attached to the software. However, the manufacturer or installer and Microsoft do not provide a contractual guarantee regarding the licensed software. 5. Authorized software and activation. You are only allowed to use this software if you are properly licensed and the software has been activated correctly by a real product key or other authorized method. If you connect to the Internet while using the software, the software will automatically turn to Microsoft or its partners to activate to link it to a particular device. You can also activate the software manually over the Internet or over the phone. In both cases, certain information is transmitted and internet service, telephone and SMS charges may be incurred. During activation (or reactivation that can be triggered by changes to your device`s components), the software may find that the installed instance of the software contains counterfeits, false licenses or unauthorized changes. If activation fails, the software tries to repair itself by replacing fake Microsoft software with real Microsoft software. You can also get reminders to get a proper license for the software. A successful activation does not confirm that the software is genuine or correctly authorized.

You don`t have to bypass or bypass the activation. To find out if your software is genuine and if you are properly licensed, see (aka.ms/genuine). Some updates, support and other services may be available to users of real Microsoft software. (iv) The software may include third-party programs that are granted to you under this Agreement or under their own terms. Licensing conditions, advice and confirmations, if any, for third parties can be accessed at (aka.ms/thirdpartynotices). With the exception of a remedy, replacement or refund that the manufacturer or installer or Microsoft may provide, you cannot claim damages under this restricted warranty, as part of another part of this Agreement, or under a theory or other claim, including loss or direct, consecutive, special, indirect or accidental damage. Injury exclusions and repair restrictions in this agreement apply even if repairs, repairs or refunds do not fully compensate you for losses, if the manufacturer or installer or Microsoft knew or should have known about the possibility of the damage, or if the remedy does not meet its essential purpose. Some states and countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of secondary, consecutive or other damages, so these restrictions or exclusions may not apply to you. If your local law allows you to recover damage from the manufacturer or installer or microsoft, even if that agreement doesn`t, you can`t recover more than you paid for the software (or up to $50 if you bought the software for free). H. Conflict with AAA rules. This agreement applies when it is in conflict with AAA commercial arbitration rules or consumer arbitration rules.