Knight Frank Tenancy Agreement

Once the lease is signed and the funds for rent, deposit and other costs are released, the lease can be pursued. On the day the rental starts, you will be checked into the accommodation by an independent inventory recorder and hand over the keys. The rent tax rate is offset at 10% of the gross rent according to a contract or agreement with the tenants. It must be paid to the Tax Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. However, taxes are only collected by owners or owners. Before the start of the lease, a status statement is established, in which the contents and condition of the property are described in detail. This is done by an independent inventory recorder and a copy made available to the landlord and tenant. Before you go into rent, we will give you an explanation with the starting funds due. This shows the prepayment that has been paid and includes the first rent payment, usually a month or a quarter in advance, according to the agreed terms. Lease fees and deposit, usually equivalent to six weeks` rent, are recovered at the same time. All credits must be billed before the lease begins. 5.

The Knight Frank rental agreement is advisable on your rental agreement, but you should seek the assistance of a lawyer if you are not sure. If your offer has been accepted, we will ask for references and start preparing the rental agreement between you and the owner. Our team also advises on service charges to ensure that tenants do not pay excessively as part of their contractual agreements. Whether it`s a real estate investor or an occupier, our ability to anticipate client needs, trading skills, and technical and legislative knowledge allow you to get the most out of leases. Our objective is to obtain favourable terms for both parties during the restructuring or extension of the lease conditions. 4. Reservation Once you and the landlord (the tenant) have reached an agreement, a one-month « booking deposit » will be payable by the tenant to Knight Frank/owner. The duration of the rental is usually 6 months from and with or without renewal option. Leasing negotiations are also correlated with the lease term you are willing to hire; The longer the lifespan, the more discount owners are willing to provide. Once you have found a suitable property and have given us an offer, we submit it to the owner for consideration. Each offer requires the receipt of satisfactory references and the conclusion of a rental agreement.

The deposit required by the lessor depends on the duration of the lease and the nature of the lease (i.e. a business lease or a personal lease). A deposit of 1 to 2 months of monthly rent is the norm and is fully payable at the signing of the tenancy agreement. It is repaid interest-free at the end of the lease, provided the tenant respects the terms of the lease. The lessor reserves the right to deduct all the costs and expenses of the deposit if the tenant violates one of the terms of the tenancy agreement.