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If you do not agree to the revised terms and conditions, you must stop using the services PayPal, close your account and terminate your relationship with us without charge or penalties. This user agreement continues to apply to your prior use of our Services. Changes and updates for consumers may include: (i) the nature of services PayPal; (ii) consumer rights, obligations and obligations; (iii) communications and communications; (iv) password security and identity authentication; v) payment methods; (vi) shipping or payment limits; vii) account balances; (viii) clearing the accounts; ix) fees and currency conversion; x) limited activities; xi) the protection of sellers and buyers; (xii) settlement procedures for unauthorized transactions and processing errors; xiii) disputes with PayPal; xiv) applicable legislation and jurisdiction; (xv) liability limitations and guarantees; and (xvi) definitions. Subject to the remainder of this user agreement, we would like to review the issue and work with you to resolve it within 60 days. In addition, if your problem is: Subject to the implementation of a consumer guarantee, any other law relating to goods and services provided under this agreement, or any other guarantee or explicit representation that we make in this agreement: PayPal will always make the conversion for transactions in which your cash account balance, balance PayPal account or bank account linked is the method of payment. These terms and conditions apply only to account holders for PayPal accounts registered in the following countries. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this use agreement and the following conditions, the specific conditions for each country/region are as follows: this agreement is governed by the legislation in force in New South Wales. You agree that we may provide you with messages or other information by posting them on the PayPal (including the publication of information that you only access by logging into your account), emailing them to the email address listed in your account, sending them to your account address, calling by phone or sending you a « text » message or text message. You need user-friendly internet access and an email account to receive communications and information about our services. With the exception of changes to this user agreement, this release will be considered received by you within 24 hours of the date of publication on the PayPal website or by email. If the message is sent by mail, we will assume that it was received three business days after sending.

We reserve the right to close your account PayPal if you withdraw your consent to receive electronic communications. This user agreement is a contract between you and Limited Liability Company Non-Banking Credit Institution PayPal UK, a credit institution under Russian law, based in Butyrskiy Val 10, 125047, Moscow, Russian Federation, and licensed by Central Bank of Russia No.