Sample Joint Venture Agreement In The Philippines

It should be stressed, however, that such a joint venture can be registered as a proposed partnership: JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT THIS JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT (the « agreement ») which _________von from here and between `The activity of the joint venture is as follows: (Describe the purpose of the transaction) 1.02 Duration of the contract. This joint venture begins on the day above and continues to exist until it is terminated, liquidated or dissolved by law or as provided below. ARTICLE II GENERAL DEFINITIONS The following provisions include the general definitions of the terms used in this agreement: 2.01 Affiliate. An affiliate of an entity is a person who, directly or indirectly, is controlled by one or more intermediaries, controlled or controlled by such an entity. 2.02 Contributions to capital. The actual capital contribution made by the parties in the joint venture, including any in-kind, cash and additional capital contributions. 2.03 Gains and losses. All income or losses of the partnership for federal income tax purposes, determined by the exercise of the partnership, including, but not limited, to each element of the partnership`s income, benefit, loss or deduction. ARTICLE III OBLIGATIONS OF THE ACOMPOS – is responsible for all operations and decisions of the joint venture and is compensated for the provision of services. ARTICLE IV ALLOCATIONS 4.01 Gains and losses. As of the date of this transaction and with the termination of the joint venture` activity, all profits, losses and other assignments to the joint venture at the beginning of each financial year are divided as follows: . ..

(10)% ARTICLE V RIGHTS AND THE ACTIVITY 5.01 – For these measures, each action constitutes the action of the joint venture. . . . MUST NOT SHARE AGREEMENTS WITH THIRD PARTIES IN THE ARTICLE VI JOINT VENTURE AND AGREEMENTS WITH THE JOINT VENTURE AFFILIATE 6.01. Companies associated with the parties to this agreement may be responsible for providing services to the joint venture. The validity of a transaction, agreement or payment involving the joint venture and all associated undertakings of the contracting parties that are otherwise authorized by the terms of this agreement is not affected by the relationship between them and these related companies or by the approval of those transactions, agreements or payments. 6.02 Other transactions of the parties to this agreement. The parties to this agreement and their respective subsidiaries may have stakes in companies other than the joint venture. The joint venture is not entitled to obtain income or income from these other business interests and even if they compete with partnership activities, these commercial interests are not considered illegitimate or inappropriate.