Service Agreement Glossary

A common feature of a terms of use contract is a disclaimer stipulating that the site owner cannot be held responsible for any falsely posted information. It is important to structure your terms of use so that they represent your business and the services it offers. If not, you could set yourself up for liability issues. So try to avoid the use of a service contract model and focus on including important components. Contract See agreement. Is commonly used to describe a separate document describing the terms of the agreement between the buyer and the supplier that agree to include certain conditions instead of the terms and conditions used in a standard order. A service contract is different from a loan. A service contract binds both parties to the agreement, while the loan is one-sided and binds the employee only to the agreement. A master service contract is a contract that sets most, but not all, conditions between the signatory parties. The aim is to speed up and simplify future contracts. Negotiation, which takes time, takes place once, at the beginning.

Future agreements will have to set out the differences in contract and may require only one order. MSOs are common in information technology, union negotiations, government contracts and long-term customer/supplier relationships. They may concern a large territory, such as the country or a state, with partial conditions negotiated at the local level. The customer agrees to pay all the fees in the currency and payment time indicated in the corresponding purchase order. Optimizely`s fees are exempt from all taxes and the customer must pay all sales, uses, VAT, VAT, excise duties, sources or taxes or similar taxes, whether domestic or foreign, except for taxes based on Optimizely`s income. The customer will pay taxes to Optimizely, as long as Optimizely`s invoices contain reasonable amounts. Optimized invoices send electronic invoices and invoices for the Optimizely service in advance, as shown in the order form, and for additional overruns or CPM, if in the corresponding order form, late monthly. If the customer needs an order number on Optimizely`s invoice, the customer must immediately provide the order number. If the customer does not immediately make the order number available, the customer agrees to pay the bill without a referenced order number. Some customers may be able to pay by credit card. When the customer pays by credit card, optimizely authorizes optimize to automatically debit and debit other amounts without an invoice on the customer`s credit card. Payments are non-refundable and cannot be credited and payment obligations are not terminated.

In the event of a late payment, the service fee may be 1.5% per month of the amount owed or the maximum amount allowed by law. Use by the U.S. government. Optimizely services are based on commercial computer software. If the user or licensee of an Optimizely service is an agency, department or any other unit of the U.S. government, use, reproduction, reproduction, release, modification, disclosure or transfer of Optimizely service or any related documentation, including technical data and manuals, through a licensing agreement or federal acquisition agreement 12.211 (Technical Data) and 12,212 (computer software) for civilian use and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement 227.7202-3 (Rights commercial software or computer software).