Umkc Consortium Agreement

The FAS compiles a copy of the union agreement completed and signed for the FAS files, writes the consortium agreement at the home school, regularly reviews the student`s enrolment and informs the host school of the changes to the enrolment. If the student does not receive assistance at the university, the FAS verifies the registration with the KU (we can only do so if the student is actually registered), the cost of participation is made available and finalizes all the additional elements of the consortium agreement. In some cases, schools need the clerk`s signature on the agreement. The deputy director of the FAS must sign and date the consortium agreement. All students who enter into a consortium agreement with the home school of the university school must submit transcripts of the host school within 30 days of the end of the semester. Aid for the next few semesters will not be paid until the minutes have been submitted. In addition to our exchange partners, KCAI has several specific agreements and relationships with different schools in the United States and around the world. Unionized partnerships allow you to benefit from benefits such as special study discounts and exclusive consortium scholarships at the host school. Our consortium partners offer semester, summer and graduate programs. Academic credits acquired can be transferred to KCAI. The FAS may initiate a consortium contract on behalf of a client of the KU study if one or more of the following conditions are met: Possibly. A consortium agreement is a written agreement between two schools, in which one school offers part of the teaching to students enrolled in the other who graduate, and the school that issues the diploma or certificate of aptitude agrees to grant the student recognition for this teaching/course work.

The consortium also sets out the conditions under which financial aid is granted for the courses in question. If you are receiving financial assistance and would like to receive this assistance to cover the other school`s costs, contact student financial support at 314-516-5526. At the request and approval of the consortium agreement, the company will be considered a « welcome school » if the terms of the consortium agreement can be met. If a student of the applicant KU has a valid and recognized academic reason for applying for a consortium agreement, the EEA will serve as a « school of origin ». Students who are not looking for a diploma can request that the higher education company be a « host school » and apply for a consortium agreement on the competent « school of origin ». If the host school agrees to the terms of the consortium agreement, the form will be completed, signed and returned to KU FAS. Schools are not required to enter into consortium agreements, so it is up to each institution to conclude such an agreement. Therefore, the consortium agreement will not be formally approved until the agreement and copy of the student`s schedule of the FAS host school have been received. The student cannot qualify for all kinds of rewards initially offered if he or she is not enrolled full-time with the KU. The Assistant Director will inform students of the impact on the prices offered if the consortium agreement is approved. A student studying at another institution may enrol in an internship at the host university while receiving financial assistance from their home institution.