Usw 2004 Collective Agreement

THE 2004 ETC Local represents 3,000 CN employees inspecting, waiting and repairing railway tracks, bridges and infrastructure across Canada. First agreement for YUL bar and restaurant employees… « I congratulate the leaders and members of the local USW in 2004 for their solidarity in achieving a good collective agreement that benefits Both Kn and workers and their families, » said Ken Neumann, the union`s national director. « This agreement reflects the fact that these maintenance workers work every day in extremely difficult conditions and provide essential services for CN`s operations. » « Middle-class families are the backbone of our province and country, and it is fundamentally wrong to deprive them of their tariffs. » – Marty Warren, District 6 Director For more information: ETC: Ken Neumann, ETC National Director, 416-544-5951; Jean-Francois Migneault, ETC Local 2004 President, [email protected], 514-907-9921; Troy Lundblad, USW staff representative, [email protected], 416-544-5947, 416-333-7080; Denis St. Pierre, USW Communications, 416-544-5990, 647-522-1630, [email protected]; CN: Media: Jonathan Abecassis, Senior Manager, Media Relations, 514-399-7956; Investment Community: Paul Butcher, Vice-President; Investor Relations, 514-399-0052 « This agreement involves improvements on key issues affecting the standard of living and work of our members, » Koch said. TORONTO – CN and United Steelworkers (ETC) announced today that, following a preliminary agreement reached in 2004 between CN and LOCAL ETC negotiators, municipal union members reviewed the agreement in December 2004 and approved the treaty in a national ratification vote in recent weeks. In addition to the annual salary increases granted under a five-year contract, it includes improving health, dental and health services, as well as improving travel costs for the 3,000 union members who inspect, wait and repair CN`s infrastructure. The interim agreement between the Canadian National Railway Co. and the United Steelworkers Union was approved by a national ratification vote.

The existing workers` collective agreement expires on 31 December. Details of the new interim agreement will not be published until union members have been able to review the contract and proceed to a ratification vote. « In 2004, CTE members at Local gave their negotiating committee a clear mandate and the committee worked tirelessly to address their concerns, » said Ken Neumann, CTE National Director. « I am very proud of them and very happy that they have reached an agreement that they are ready to support. » « This is a strong and fair agreement that recognizes the hard work of our members and the most important contributions they make every day to CN`s success, » said Jean-Francois Migneault, President of USW Local in 2004.