What Time Is The Withdrawal Agreement Vote Today

It`s from the BBC`s political correspondent, Iain Watson. He says up to 30 Labour MPs abstained from voting on the Brexit bill this afternoon or did not abstain. The bill will now continue to go around the House of Commons and Lords to enter the law inevitably before 29 January, in time for the plenary session of the European Parliament, in order to ratify the October Brexit agreement. t.co/tt8j8igzO0 However, he said he was still asking Labour MPs to vote against the law because « we warned before the general election that the Prime Minister`s Brexit deal was a terrible deal for our country, and we still believe it is a terrible deal today. » MEPs unanimously approved all the Commons amendments (vote). However, the Labour MP for South Shields, Emma Lewell-Buck, said she would vote in favour of the bill and added: « The party opposite has a mandate they didn`t have before. After passing its second reading by a sovereign vote of 358 to 234, the withdrawal agreement is on track to complete its adoption by both houses of parliament in time to allow Britain to leave the European Union at the end of January. Sarah Champion, Rosie Cooper, Jon Cruddas, Toby Perkins. Grahame Morris (as expected) and Emma Lewell Buck (as has already been reported) vote in favour of the #brexit (#wab) Bill Lewell Buck voted in favour of the proposed program on @UKLabour benches Then the Assembly will vote on the approval of the third reading of the legislation and, if passed, it will go to the House of Lords for first reading. MPs voted at second reading on the government`s withdrawal agreement. With Boris Johnson`s 80-person majority, the bill was passed with a comfortable lead, with 358 votes and 234 against.

The first (Amendment 1) concerns the residence rights of EU citizens. MEPs voted by 269 votes in favour and 229 against, resulting in the amendment. Bill leaves for second reading with 358 votes to 234 leaving Britain before the end of January to leave the EU. Asa Bennett of the Telegraph tweeted some photos of the Prime Minister signing copies of the withdrawal agreement for MPs: six Labour members voted for the bill – Sarah Champion, Rosie Cooper, Jon Cruddas, Emma Lewell-Buck, Grahame Morris, Toby Perkins. Here is Lewell-Buck`s speech, in which she says she decided with a heavy heart that she could not vote with the Labour Party. « It`s been a long time in the making, I hope it won`t take long to solve. But the way back will be difficult. South Shields MP Emma Lewell-Buck, one of six Labour MPs who wanted to vote in favour of the bill, said it was time to end « opposition to the opposition. » « My party`s pro-Brexit policy has failed. Today was and still is an opportunity to stop the hesitation and send a message to our lost voters – the voters to whom our party was created to give them a voice in Parliament – that we want to hear them, cherish them and really rebuild their trust, » she said.

When the convincing result of the vote was announced, supported by more than 100 new recruits on the government benches, a Conservative MP got caught at the microphone and exclaimed, « Back out of the net. » The government says it will put the law into force in time for 31 January, the deadline for Brexit. And so to a vote on the proposed program. That`s the last time Boris Johnson did something wrong. Spoiler: It won`t happen again. Friday`s vote focused on the second reading of the law, in which MPs will vote on whether they were in principle ready to pass a bill. Changes can be made at later stages.