Author Agreement Form Optik Journal

Some of these factors are the Review Board, refusal rate, frequency of inclusion in the indices, own factor, etc. You must evaluate all the factors and accept the last call. Originality and plagiarism Originality and plagiarism Authors should ensure that they have entirely written original works and, if the authors have used the work and/or words of others, that it has been quoted or quoted properly. Plagiarism has many forms, from the « transmission » of the work of someone other than the author`s own work to the reproduction or paraphrasing of essential parts of another`s work (without attribution) to the affirmation of research results carried out by others. Plagiarism in all its forms is unethical and unacceptable publication behavior. Submission articles can be submitted online in this magazine. The online system converts your article files into a single PDF file used in the peer review process. Editable files (for example. B Word, LaTeX) are required to define your article for final publication. All correspondence, including notification of the publisher`s decision and requests for review, will be sent by email.

Contributions to this journal can be sent either online or outside the system. Please do not submit both ways; This can lead to the verification and publication of your manuscript twice! The text must be entered in two pieces in a single column of type 12 points Authors can enter their manuscript into our Elsevier online submission system online You can download a research work ready to be submitted in pdf, LaTeX and docx formats. Electronic Artwork General Points• Be sure to use a uniform label and size of your original artwork. • Convert the fonts used if the app offers this option. • Try using the following fonts in your illustrations: Arial, Courier, Times New Roman, Icon or use fonts that look like it. • Numbers illustrations according to their order in the text. • Use a logical naming convention for your image files. • Provide separate captions. • Measure illustrations close to the desired dimensions of the published version. • Submit each illustration as a separate file.• Make sure color images are accessible to everyone, including people with limited color vision. The author understands that the Journal publishing house can grant the same rights.

In addition, the author grants Journal and Publisher the right to enter into agreements with third-party companies granting these third-party companies some or all of the rights that the author has granted to the publisher. The above rights may include the rights necessary to index and abstract the deposit. The author agrees that each subsequent publication of the repository indicates the journal as the place of first publication and contains a link to the journal`s website….