Subject Verb Agreement Task Cards

There are a lot of specific rules for situations like the ones I cited as examples, and I listed the most important ones that kids need to master in a graph that I found really useful when I created my task cards to practice these grammar skills. As complex as some rules may seem at first, each represents a common situation that children have to deal with when dealing with their own writing. Here`s what my chart looks like, and I`ve attached a copy of my verb agreement subtasks that teachers can post on their classroom wall or a copy for students` notes. The basic rule of subject-verb concordance is difficult enough to explain to children! A singular substat takes a singular verbage – but a singular verbage resembles a plural noun, because it ends with a -s, and a plural noun takes a plural verbage – but a plural verbage resembles a singular noun because it does not end with -s! Even if you don`t teach a grammar unit or part of the language, you`ll likely find teaching individual subject-verb situations, as certain types of errors occur in children`s writing. Task cards can be very useful for these mini-lessons; Just choose a few cards for each lesson as needed. Use these 32 cards to help your student commonly identify both the simple and complete subject and the predicate. The pages are all formatted in the same way, so if you only want to work on one of these skills, for example on the simple theme, you can simply use the third card on each page, because each of these cards deals with the simple theme. When you present the cards in this way, students fill in the corresponding column of the answer card. Well, even if you think your kids have done it, there are a lot of more specific situations that can get them into a lot of trouble. What about, for example, sentences where the subject comes after the verb? Of course, the rule is always the same, but it can be much harder for children to find the parts of the language they are looking for in those « upside down » sentences.

Here are some other situations: Use these 32 multiple-choice task cards to help your students commonly reach verb agreement. On half of the cards, students must choose the right verb and on the other half, they must choose the right noun. Delicate words like anyone, no one and everyone are included, as well as some irregular verbs. Another good use for these small grammar exercises is to review a group of rules that cause problems for children. Set up a few centers for a day of verification or minutes after the end of the main time, and you`re all set….