Work Education Agreement Form

The student must sign the WEA form and indicate that they accept the coverage conditions set out in the form. Parental consent4 is also required if a student is under the age of eighteen.5 The teacher and placement employer must also sign the WEA form. Students are generally not insured when they travel to and from the practicum.3 In the event of an injury or illness in the workplace that requires medical attention from a health professional and/or results in lost work time, the school board representative must submit the INJURY or illness report of the CFSC employer (Form 7) to the FASC. The form must be submitted to the school within three (3) business days of the student`s notice of injury or illness and received by the CSAFH within seven (7) business days of the student`s registration with the school. The school board representative must also submit a copy of the MEA form if the school committee representative reports the injury or illness to the FASC. The Form 7 report, along with a copy of the WEA form, must also be sent to the ministry and the student. The WEA form must be completed for all students participating in work or experser learning programs. For students who do not receive a salary or are not covered by their employer, completing this form constitutes the agreement that the Ministry of Education is responsible for covering CSASA benefits. For students who receive a salary and are insured by their employer, completing the form determines that the employer is responsible for providing WSIA coverage. School boards must use a separate weA form for each student.

Under the WSIA, workers who have suffered an accident at work or contracted an illness are entitled to benefits, such as. B compensation for their loss of income and permanent impairment, as well as health and rehabilitation services. For more information on these benefits, visit the CSASE website. Students who participate in vocational training or experse learning programs and do not receive a salary are considered employees of the Ministry of Education for the purposes of WSIA coverage once the Work Training Agreement (MEA) form is completed and the internship begins (see the « Obtaining WSIA Coverage » section below). Source Links: Adobe PDF Format: – – Professional Training Agreement The agreement must also be signed for students aged 14 or older if they participate in job shadowing/matching experiences that include hands-on work for more than one day. Note that if the investment employer is one of the few types of companies that do not need to enroll in WSIA coverage, e.B. a bank2, the student is still covered by the WSIA, as the student is considered an employee of the department for this purpose. A weA form must also be completed for these students.

If you work outside of your usual Co-op time, you will need to fill out an AEM change form. Interested parties must complete and sign a Vocational Training Agreement form before the student begins the on-the-job training program to ensure that CSASE coverage is provided by the Ministry of Education. .